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Training News   Club Kit Offer Closes on the 31st May 2018
Last few days to get your NEW club kit order in.
Posted by lisa on 18 May
South Axholme Sharks have decided to change supplier of their
merchandise, poolside tops, hoodies and shorts will now be supplied by
Zeon through an online shop. The shop will be open twice a year for
you to order, you pay online at the time of ordering and then orders
will be delivered to the pool for collection.

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To order you need to follow the link below, register and the rest is
straight forward.

As an introductory one off offer we would like to offer every swimming
member a FREE poolside top if ordered within this first shopping
period, new hoodies and shorts are also available but not compulsory
kit, the shop will be open again before Christmas.

For officials, team managers, poolside helpers there is the option to
purchase a white top and the subsidised price of £15 during this
shopping period, again they are not compulsory.

We would appreciate initials on hoodies and poolside tops, if you
purchase shorts please make sure you name them.

The shop will close on the 31st May.

We have several sizes of samples for you try for size just ask a
committee member or these will be available to try at May Sprints.

Bags are in stock, at the pool and available from a member of the committee during training sessions

Posted by lisa on 18 May
The winners of the second annual South Axholme Sharks Lifesaving Pairs competition were Alfie Nixon and Cerys Addlesee. Well done to all who competed in the competition a lot of improvement was shown over last year.
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On Tuesday the 1st of May the second annual South Axholme Sharks lifesaving pairs competition took place took place at Epworth swimming pool. The competitors formed five teams of two people throughout the events. The evenings’ events started with a dry SERC (Simulated Emergency Response Competition) which was a caving incident with our own makeshift cave. This was followed by a wet SERC, involving a canal and two difficult casualties. In these the teams are judged on how well they deal with a simulated emergency situation.

In the dry all teams had the awareness to get help and performed good quality CPR on the manikin that was unconscious from a rock fall, which was great to see. In the wet situation stand out performances were the near textbook treatment of the angina casualty by Daniella and the teamwork of Cerys and Alfie to allow them to treat both casualties whilst getting a phone call off. This teamwork allowed Cerys and Alfie to come 1st in the SERC’s section of the competition.

Next up were the speed races, which included a swim and tow relay, a rope throw relay, an obstacle race and a torpedo tow race. There was close racing in all events with 3 different winners from 4 events. The experience of Jessica and Elodie allowed them to perform consistently well winning them the speeds part of the competition. Cerys and Alfie managed to score well enough on the speed events to pick up the overall win of the competition with them being the new South Axholme Sharks Lifesaving Pairs champions.

A big thanks to all the volunteers for making this possible.

Time for Tea Bake Sale For Weston Park Cancer Charity in Memory of Jonathan Exton held at May Sprints , on the 5th May2018.
Posted by lisa on 18 May
There seemed better way to start Team Exton's fundraising events for Weston Park Cancer Charity in memory of Jonathan Exton, than a bake sale. The event was planned by Jonathan's daughter Emily prior to his death and, inspired by his positivity surrounding his illness, there was no excuse not to go ahead with the event, even held so soon after his sad passing on the 1st May
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Jonathan would be proud of his daughter's leadership and strength and also her baking skills that shone in the event. Jonathan, Chairman of South Axholme Sharks until his health would not allow him to continue in February this year, was a keen cake maker. Steam trains, princess castles, football shirts, minions and even the Millenium Falcon, he baked it all!! He passed his love of baking to Emily and her bake sale was a fitting tribute combining this with his dedication to the club.

Emily held the bake sale with kind permission at Epworth swimming Pool with help from her swimming club South Axholme Sharks, and club-mates Lizzie McCallum, Molly Warr and Caitlin Bradwell and their family members, also Sam and Alex Cook.

£667 was raised on the day, far exceeding Emily's target of £200. A further mini bake sale held by Natalia Bradwell and Amelia Wilkinson at The Tumbles, the following day and together with kind donations made to Emily for this fundraiser, the total achieved " a good rise" to £876.10, which has now been gratefully received by the charity.

Emily would like to say a massive thank you for your support and help with the fundraiser for Weston Park Cancer Charity. She was amazed at the amount of donations, as well as cake , that poured in on the day. In addition to thanks for all her helpers at the event, she would like to voice gratitude for the support shown by the club and its members to herself and her mum in general. " Although my Dad wasn't Chairman for as long as other's, I am still amazed by the messages of support and just how many people he influenced in a positive way."

Jonathan himself, supported whole-heartedly the family plans to give something back to the hospital through the charity for all the fantastic care and treatment he received at Weston Park cancer Hospital in Sheffield.

The Exton family plans to hold further events to raise money and show their gratitude to the hospital that took such great care of Jonathan in his final weeks of life, including Jonathan's niece Becky Kelly and ex member of Sharks, signing up to the The Big Jump 15000ft Sky Dive in June. Fund raising continues:
Also family friends Debbie and Andy Bradwell are also completing their own triple 10k challenge as part of Team Exton and their fundraising via just giving is also up and running! and search Bradwell Triple 10k Challenge.
Halloween may seem a way off yet …...
Posted by lisa on 20 April
But plans are well underway for our annual fundraising Gala, the very popular Halloween Meet.
Last year we nearly had a big fright, as entries to the event came in thick and fast, after the opening date, and swimmers from our club nearly missed out.
So to avoid this, this year, entries open on the 1st of May 2018. Anyone interested in competing at the event should have their entries into the Open Meet Secretary ASAP.
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South Axholme Sharks will host the Halloween Meet at Beverley Leisure Centre, on the 28th October 2018. It is open for all our 9 years and over swimmers, a great way to get into Open Meets and is highly recommended by your Head Coach. Last year South Axholme Sharks came 2nd in the top Club scores, the best results for many years, so this year Head Coach Stuart Livingstone is aiming to bring the trophy home for TOP CLUB. This gala is a Head Coaches targeted gala and double gala points are awarded.
How do you enter?
There is a Halloween Meet Entry form on the noticeboard, fill it in, ticking the events you wish to enter and post it in the post box along with your entry fee addressed to the Open Meet Secretary and we will do the rest. Alternatively please speak to any member of the Committee and they will advise you.
All swimmers must be ASA category 2, to enter the event, but don’t worry your ASA can be upgraded at any time before the Meet.
Why do we run the Gala?
This is an important Gala for South Axholme Sharks as it raises money for the club, which we rely on for buying new equipment, trophies and making improvements to the club.
As we host the Meet a lot of help is needed in the preparations and also on the day. Any help from parents will be greatly appreciated, please speak to a member of the committee, if you are able to help. All parents who help on the day will be able to watch their child swim.

Sharks swim in the Ice Championships
Posted by lisa on 09 April
Towards the end of the (usual) open-water season, last September, Stuart came up with the idea that we should partake in the upcoming “Ice Championships” which were to be held on Sunday 25th February at Hatfield Outdoor Activity Centre. Stupidly Greg Clarke, Erin Clarke and myself Jess Hather said “yes” to this idea, so we scrapped the wet-suits.
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A new Saturday morning routine, getting up early and heading to Hatfield to brace the cold. At the start of each session we attended briefings warning us of the dangers, mainly being Hypothermia; it was at this point we really started to question our decision.

Week by week, degree by degree, the temperature of the water dropped until suddenly it was at 5 degrees celsius . Entry to the water became slower and slower as we didn’t like cold feet, listening to the encouraging words of Leon from Swim-your-Swim, and the groans of Stuart winging about who’s silly idea it all was (it was his), this only lasted a couple of weeks until Stuart had knee surgery which meant he no longer had to suffer the cold and we no longer had to listen to him screaming.

After Christmas the water temperature dropped to 4 degrees, this doesn’t sound like a large drop from 5 but a 20% decrease in temperature could really be felt. It was at this point Erin and I decided that the only way we were ever going to brace this temperature was if we faced out fear and ran straight into the water with no pause and just swam without hesitation- we had come too far to quit less than two months away from the event. It was at this point we all changed our mind-set and decided the faster we got in and swam, the sooner the cold was over with. All three of us swam with our heads out for the first 5 meters but then it was brain freeze time, dragging the weights of our arms over the water.

As the championships grew closer we began to realise the so called “British” Championships did not have people only from Britain; there were entries from Russia, China, South Africa, and Ireland- here the nerves really started to set in. It looked like Erin and myself (Jess), were the youngest competitors competing in an open age group until we noticed entries from an 8 year old boy from Russia.

Race day soon came round. Greg was entered in the 50m Breaststroke, 100m Individual Medley and 4x50m Freestyle relay; Erin in 50m Freestyle and the 4x50m Freestyle relay and me in the 50m Fly and 4x50m Freestyle relay. This meant we all had to brace the icy water once, get warm and recover and get back into the cold, the thought of this was enough to make us shiver.

First up was Erin competing in the 50m Freestyle, with all Sharks supporters standing on the lake side cheering she won her heat by a mile and came a very close second overall out of all the female competitors only beaten by a former National Champion. Soon after was Greg in the 50m breaststroke, he didn’t only come first in his heat, but overall and received the gold medal to be named Male Champion of ICE 50m Breaststroke. Next it was my turn to swim the 50m Fly, next to the Yorkshire favourite to win on one side and a 6 foot plus Russian male on the other side, I also won my heat and overall; obtaining the gold medal and hopefully NEW UK or World Record for the Women’s ICE 50m Fly. The final individual race was Greg’s 100m Individual medley, only Greg was brave (mad) enough to face the water for longer than 50m he again did Sharks proud and won his heat and received the silver overall.

Then came the relays, Erin and I were in the same team with Greg in a separate one. Getting in the water a second (or third) time was a great struggle, thankfully it was only for about 30 seconds. We had to adjust to our usual ways and ensure we didn’t tumble turn or go more than 5m underwater as this would result in a disqualification. Both our relay teams were successful, Greg’s team came second overall so Greg came home with three medals from a very successful day. Erin and my team just missed out on a medal place as we came fourth.

As the day came to a close we were all very proud of ourselves and what we had achieved as the months of early mornings to brace the cold had paid off. We are still going strong in the cold water weeks after, waiting for it to get warmer closer to summer.

By Jess Hather (Girls Captain)

Gala Points Rewards Reaches 750 Points. Well done Charlotte Wilson.
Posted by lisa on 09 April
Charlotte Wilson (Girls Vice Captain) is the first Sharks swimmer to reach 750 gala points reward. Charlotte has put on her Sharks swim hat and represented the Club 147 times (some meets are Head Coach Targeted, so get double gala points).

What an amazing effort. Charlotte started competitive swimming at the age of 9 and has represented South Axholme Sharks at the Yorkshire Championships on many occasions.
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Gala points is an award scheme run within Sharks, and continues throughout your life as a competing member. Every time you compete as a Shark, whether it is at May Sprints, Club Champs, Team Galas or any Open Meet you are credited with 5 points, once you reach 50 points you gain your first reward.
  • 50 points = Sharks Water Bottle
  • 100 points = Purple 100 Hat
  • 200 points = Green 200 Hat
  • 300 points = Red 300 Hat
  • 400 points = Blue 400 Hat
  • 500 points = Gold 500 Hat
  • 750 points = Paper Weight

First Gala of 2018
Posted by Sally on 30 January
The weekend of 20th and 21st January saw Sharks compete in their first open meet of 2018 at Ponds Forge, Sheffield. There were lots of medals and PB's all round. Its always hard when the first competition of the year is Long course but when you have never swum long course or at Ponds Forge before it's even tougher. Here are two reports from young swimmers doing just that !!!
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On Sunday 21st January I had 2 new experiences in my swimming career!

Number one was swimming at Ponds Forge for the first time, which is a huge swimming pool in Sheffield. As if this wasn't scary enough, it was a long Course meet which means the pool is 50m long!!!!!!!! (that is 2 1/2 lengths of our pool!).

Luckily I had my Brother Thomas with me and he has swum here lots of times so knew where to go and what to do. This was fine until I was stood at the starting blocks - on my own - and realised what a long way 50m is! On the bright side without my glasses on I couldn't see the other end! Mum and Dad told me to just keep swimming until I hit something!

I just did 1 event, the 50m breaststroke, which is my favourite stroke, as a first experience of Long Course swimming.

I was very nervous but when I'd finished I just wanted to do it again.

I would recommend for other younger Sharks to have a go at the bigger competitions as it's good to go to nice new pools with amazing facilities, and there is always someone to help you if you need to know anything.

My advice is to try to not get too nervous because as soon as you get in the water you know exactly what you're doing. My next Long Course swim is at Leeds in March, and now I've had a go and proved to myself I can do it I'm not too worried!

Bye for now!

Oliver Crow
Mako Shark

My First experience of swimming at Ponds Forge(competitively).

On the journey there I was very nervous and very quiet. I tried to relax but I just couldn't. When we eventually got there I was feeling even more tense. My mind was buzzing thinking if anything could go wrong. I got changed and as soon as I walked on poolside I thought WOW this is huge.

After a few minutes of stretching, it was time to get in and do my warm up. It felt as if I wasn't moving but in reality I was. We did 15 mins of swimming and 10 mins of diving. Each time I dived I was scared I would drown. When the 25 minute warm up ended I was going for marshaling for my 200 m front crawl. When I got to the blocks I was shaking like mad. I got up onto the block. Take your marks.......BEEP and we were off. My goggles started to leak so I went straight into panic mode. After about 3 minutes of agonizing swimming I finally made it to the finish. I couldn't do any tumble turns, I was breathing every 2, I thought I would be disqualified, but I wasn't.
After my race my mum tried to tighten my goggles. My second race (50m Fly) went bad as well, my goggles leaked again, but I finished. I got back, we tried some spare goggles in the cool down pool but they still didn't work, so me and mum went to the shop and bought a new pair.

After lunch it was my 50m Backstroke. That went perfectly well and so did my last race 100m front crawl.
Although I did not come away with any medals, I felt pretty good because I tried a Long Course competition.

Rohan Addlesee
Mako Shark
Grace's success with Sheffield Stingrays
Posted by Sally on 18 November
Below is Grace Kaye's account of a fantastic achievement playing water polo for Sheffield Stingrays.
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I’m a Shark and a Stingray. I’ve been at South Axholme Sharks for 7 years and I’ve been a City of Sheffield Water Polo Stingray for 3 years, since I was asked to join them at Ponds Forge. I play in goal for the Ladies B team, known as Sheffield Stingrays and on the wing for Sheffield Juniors, which is a mixed team of boys and girls. I also play in goal for the North East of England team and the National Age Groups Championships (NAGS) for 2001s, 2002s and 2003s - you can play for a NAGS team for the year you were born or older.

We celebrated our biggest success in the NAGS 2003s for Sheffield in October at Manchester Aquatic Centre. This pool was built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games and used in the 2012 Olympics for training. The best water polo players in Britain compete at NAGS playing for teams including London, Manchester, Liverpool, the south west and north west England and teams from Wales and Scotland. The Sheffield coach chose a strong team with players from our club, Rotherham and Sedgefield playing together to create our ‘elite’ squad.
Our first round match was against Newton Abbott and it was tough. They were the favourites to win the whole competition. I played in goal and when one of our team fouled in the pit area I had to face a penalty, but fortunately, I saved it. I was so pleased. We went on to lose that match 11-3 but we knew we’d played well.

We played 8 matches in total in group and play off stages and got to the semi finals. We faced Otter, a team from London, in this match and battled to win 8-6 but it was a close game. Then it was straight on to the final, only to face Newton Abbott again, who we had played in the first round. They hadn’t lost a match all day and had goals into double figures in some matches and even winning one match 16-0. Sheffield played well but couldn’t match Newton Abbott and lost out on the gold medal by 3 goals to 9. But we were still happy and proud of ourselves and to go home from a national competition with a silver medal is an amazing achievement which now means we’re the second best team in the country.

By Grace Kaye

Sharks at the NER'S
Posted by Sally on 06 November
This year Sharks had 3 swimmers qualify for the Swim England North East Regional Championships.

Thomas Crow, Lizzie McCallum and Annie Wilson have all penned reports about their experiences. Read on . . .
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When I went to the NER’s back in May I thought it would be a one off, but then I qualified for double the swims at the October NER Championships. I had my events spread out over 3 sessions, which was a bit boring, but it was definitely worth the wait in the end.

The pool at Sunderland is really nice, and though it is a big event it isn’t daunting at all. I swam 100m backstroke, 50m backstroke, 100m IM & 50 free. I was pleased with my swims and came away with 3 pb’s which was great. Because Sunday was the same day as Halloween Meet, I managed to pb my IM twice in one day – I don’t think I’ll be able to do that again.

It was good to experience Sunderland with two other swimmers from the club, Annie & Lizzie, and they did well too. It felt great for the three of us to represent Sharks at such a big meet and I’m proud to represent my club there.

The whole weekend was very tiring, my dad said we had driven about 500 miles, but it is a great experience and I can’t wait to get back in the pool to try and qualify for next year’s championships, but I know it is going to get harder.

Thomas Crow

On Saturday 28th October, I was still shocked about going to the North East Regionals and was pleased not to be going on my own. I had Annie and Thomas for entertainment. After waiting for what seemed like hours finally it was time for my IM race (luckily I wasn't in the first heat). I managed a time of 1:19.10, not a Pb but a great experience.

Lizzie McCallum

Going to regionals for the first time was a great opportunity and great fun. The day really started the night before when the nerves appeared and I realised we had NER's tomorrow.

After a good nights sleep the big day had finally arrived and the nerves had gone. The two hour journey up to Sunderland was great as we travelled with the McCallums, it was good being with Lizzie as she had experienced it all before as had Thomas.

As we arrived at the Aquatics Center we ate our lunch and got changed, then we were met by Thomas who had swum in the 50m Backstroke earlier in the morning. He showed us where we were sitting and then Lizzie and myself were in for warm-up. We were sat with Dartes who were lovely, but we certainly missed having Stuart with us to share the experience. After a while Sharks were in the water, Thomas first in the 100m Backstroke then Lizzie in the 100m IM, finally it was my turn with the 50m Breaststroke. Marshalling was great, with a fantastic
atmosphere and everyone was chatty and supportive. After all the swimming was done, three happy Sharks headed home with great memories that will never be forgotten.

Annie Wilson

Howling success at Halloween Meet 2017
Posted by Julie on 01 November
Congratulations are due to our new qualified timekeepers, who were assessed at the recent gala at Beverley:

Nadine Addlesee
Dan Leggott
Paul Hather
Kris Asher
Shaun Nixon
David Eke

Well done everyone!
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