Sharks Fees

Fee Structure has changed from 01/01/2018.

All fees must now be paid by Standing Order on day 7 of each month.
If you already pay by standing order please adjust your payment.

Click here for as standing Order Form

Joining Fee (includes one sharks silicone swim hat) £9.00  
ASA Annual Membership Annual Fee (Non Competing) £17.00  
ASA Annual Membership Annual Fee (Competing) £34.00  
ASA Annual Membership Fee (Non Swimming) £14.00  

Squad 1 Swim
Per Week
2 or More Swims
Per Week
Great Whites £14.00 £28.00
Makos £13.00 £26.00
Reef £12.00 £24.00
Basking £14.00 £28.00